Co-curricular Activities

Games and Sports

We believe in the importance of physical activity alongside spiritual and academic growth. Our campus features facilities for volleyball and badminton, providing students with opportunities to engage in sports, promote teamwork, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular sports activities and events are organized to encourage physical fitness and camaraderie among students

Spiritual Growth

Life Bible College prioritizes students’ spiritual growth. Monthly prayer and fasting programs are held, along with twice-daily chapel meetings on weekdays. The college also conducts seminars, spiritual awakening programs, and retreats.

Practical Ministry

Practical ministry training is a key component of our curriculum. We provide students with ample opportunities to apply their theological knowledge in real-world settings. Through various outreach programs, internships, and hands-on ministry experiences, students are equipped to serve effectively in their communities. This practical training helps students develop their gifts and abilities, preparing them to meet the challenges of ministry with confidence and competence.